We understand sustainability to mean designing products that are appropriately durable and robust. Regardless of the machine class, we do our best to ensure that our customers can rely on our products for decades. We are all the more pleased when we have machines for repair in house, which are often older than our employees. We believe that this is a good example of sustainability in action.

Since sustainability is multi-faceted, we are naturally all the more pleased that we are the only ones in the world who can offer a bag closing machine whose oil circuit is completely closed. This means that neither products nor the environment are contaminated with lubricants.

For some time now, there has been a shift in thinking towards sustainability. This increases the awareness for the environment and the demand for ecological products as well as the associated environmentally friendly packaging. When it comes to closing sack-type packaging, sewing is therefore gaining in importance again as an ecological method of closure. For this reason, we have been working intensively for years on the topic of developing the sewing area oil-free in order to be able to cover the special needs of the companies. We have been accompanying our customers in this sector for over a century and want to maintain our claim to leadership in the future as well.

Globalization ensures a constant growth of goods and raw materials, which are often loaded in big bags and sacks. For our customers around the world, we can help plan production lines for the individual sewing processes in big bag production and equip them accordingly, which is why we are considered a set standard by companies in the packaging industry.

In the course of climate change, geotextiles are finding their way into various necessary environmental protection measures. With the help of our sewing machines, materials are sewn to cover glaciers, secure coastal sections and strengthen flood protection. In this field, the requests are constantly increasing and becoming more diverse, so we are making further developments in this direction to meet the special requirements.
We are always careful to modify our machines with new technologies and materials, making them perfectly adapted to your field of application. Even under the most adverse conditions, our industrial sewing heads and wear parts are characterized by a long service life.

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