Bag closing machines

4000 & 4500

The 4000A and 4500A are our low cost entry level models for users with small quantities.

This machine is therefore well suited for closing simple bags where a double chain stitch is not necessary.

Its simple and robust mechanics make it easy to repair and maintain for most users.

Normally, this machine is suspended by means of a spring balancer to facilitate the work. However, it is also possible to attach the machines to a pedestal with a foot switch to facilitate and increase production. At the same time, thanks to the height adjustment, you can reproduce a constant straight seam as often as you want, which strengthens the overall qualitative image of your products in the sale.

The closure options at a glance

Basic bag closing

Recommended for:

Charcoal, coffee, cocoa, potatoes, rice (2-needle machines), seeds, animal feed, onions and similar products

Closing bags previously folded over at the top edge

Recommended for: Fertilizer, Grain, Spices, Food Ingredients, Corn, Flour, Minerals (Shots, Sandblast), Plastic Granules, Rice (2- needle machines), Salt, Animal Feed, Animal Meal, Sugar and many more products

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4000AZ4025 for use in equipment with thinner needle and needle plate with small needle hole


4500A with tabletop setup to increase productivity and quality